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We handle the four critical backend processes to put you at ease while you focus on other important aspects of your business:



Taxation / GST returns

Your tax benefits may not be fully utilized without proper tax planning. Accurate tax filing is also key in abiding by tax laws. We assist in these areas so that you will have a worry-free mind to focus on driving your businesses.




We assist in calculating CPF contribution, drafting payslips, filing your company's “Auto-Inclusion Scheme” (AIS), and more.



We sort your documents, while ensuring that you can have access to accurate reports readily for your easier planning of your prospective business directions, from getting bank loans and capital investments to deciding on your next big market venture.



Corporate Secretary

We act as your company secretary (appointment of one within 6 months of incorporation is mandatory) and provide advice in structuring your company to be best suited to your business needs and directions. We can also help in the incorporation process.


All services


Company Incorporation

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Tax Filing

Monthly Bookkeeping

AGM & Annual Returns Filing

GST Returns Filing

We also offer

Registered office address

AGM preparation

Shareholders’ meeting minutes

Wage/leave calculation

Employee payslip generation

CPF submissions

Corporate accounting advisory

Compliance advisory​

Tax benefit maximisation

Business transactions filing on ACRA

Drafting Directors' resolutions

Drafting ordinary/special resolutions

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